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Last Updated: August 30 2015
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Blind Tunes Fancy Features for JAWS scripts

Blind Tunes now has dynamic volume that turns down the music volume so that you can hear JAWS. It turns down the volume, and when you are done moving about in the program, it slowly ramps up the volume. A very classy touch to Blind Tunes.
Blind Tunes now has helper scripts that help you perform monumental tasks such as playlist creation by artist, album, or genre. Also included is the new iTunes Super Playlist Creator which offers tremendous power to the user in adding tracks viewing favorites in all categories, unplayed artists, top rated, recently played, and favorite artists. This new playlist creator is extremely powerful in adding anything you want by any category, or deleting things just the same. It also offers you a sneak peek into what music you are really into, making it the easiest method of creating a playlist. It is much more powerful than the smart playlist in finding what you like, might want, or dislike. More helper scripts to manage podcasts, unchecked items, and missing files in your music library. This is what really makes Blind Tunes stand out as music programs for the blind.

What do JAWS scripts for Blind Tunes do?

Hello, my name is John Martyn and I am 100% blind. I lost my vision in August 2008 and this is my second accessibility script. Like Rhapsody, I stuck with the music programs because it is such a big activity for the blind community. I developed Rhapsody Blind, a JFW (JAWS for Windows) script, that enables the visually impaired to access the popular music subscription service, Rhapsody.
Now on to an equal challenge, iTunes is a great program and is semi-accessible by default, but it could be easier, more accessible, and faster to work with. iTunes for the blind and the visually impaired without Blind Tunes is a daunting program to work with. This accessibility JAWS script is intended to maximize your experience and help you enjoy music more.
While iTunes blind accessibility is nominal to use, the Blind Tunes iTunes JAWS scripts will change how you feel about music. iTunes is a wonderful program to keep track of all your music. The Blind Tunes iTunes scripts for JAWS open up the world of music software for the blind and visually impaired. You shouldn't have to struggle to use the most popular application in the world. Now you can take full control.
It incorporates a Task flow system to give the user a rich and pleasant experience while keeping complicated tasks simple. Navigation has never been simpler. The main message I'm trying to convey is Blind Tunes is more about the music and less about the navigation. Like any accessibility script that's worth while, hundreds of hours go into development and testing. So please remember that I do this because I truly care about the blind community and our equality.
For those who are not familiar with iTunes, it is a music program that can easily archive, sort, and allow you to buy all the music you want in one place. Finding music in your own personal collection and creating playlists is so very simple even the most novice of users can use Blind Tunes. I highly recommend this for any starting blind computer user. You're gonna love it.
It is easier to hear what the script can do,rather than explain it, so I created an audio demo of Blind Tunes in action using iTunes 11. The demonstration does not cover all aspects of the script, but you will have a better idea of how amazing this really is. I think it speaks for itself. The time length is 45 minutes. Please allow a little time once you click the file for it to download. It doesn't stream right away. Just be patient.
Listen to the new iTunes 12 Blind Tunes for JAWS 15 and above
Click here to find out more about what features Blind Tunes has to offer

Download Instructions

You will find a linkk to the iTunes program and a separate download for the Blind Tunes setup. This includes updates and will work even if you upgrade your JAWS keeping in mind that the JAWS serial number is tied to the registration key. Blind Tunes will stay with the same registration key as long as the software doesn't go through any major changes that require an overhaul to the scripts.
Blind Tunes is protected under: Creative Commons Licensing.
Click here for Version Releases and Bug Fixes
To Change languages once iTunes is active, use control + Alt + L.
To purchase the software, install the scripts, open the program and follow the registration instructions.
download Blind Tunes 6.0.0 for iTunes 12, JAWS 15 and above
download Blind Tunes in Zip format for iTunes 12, and JAWS 15 and above
Click here for the iTunes Music program.

Software Features

The script makes it easy to remember how to perform tasks without needing to memorize a long list of shortcuts. With the quick key menu, it performs the task for you and helps you to remember common keys. With Blind Tunes, you don't need to press strange keyboard combinations as the keys are set up to perform common tasks without moving your position much. The keyboard interface is easy to follow and very user intuitive. Along with its simplicity, you can accomplish very complicated tasks such as multiple track select and multiple track drag at the same time. Here is a short list of features you can access:
  • With a quickness, easily search online through the iTunes Store for Music, Movies, and more.
  • Purchase and download music to add to your library.
  • Search, sort, and organize through your existing collection of music.
  • Burn, Import, and Transfer your music to external Storage while monitoring the progress.
  • MultiSelect tracks and multiDrag your playlist tracks by 1, 5, 10, or even 20 slots at a time.
  • Customize your playlists to burn only checkbox marked music.
  • Effortlessly move from one window to the next with only the enter key.
  • Check the status of any operation or currently playing song in an instant.
  • Organize your lists with column sorting, reArrange columns, and resize columns.
  • Now for the first time, MultiSelect tracks in a list.
  • Access the Radio, Playlists, and other media with the enter key.
  • Fast forward and rewind with basic controls.
  • Quickly follow currently playing music in the track list.
  • Rate your music by Artist, Album, or individual tracks.
  • Set equalizer settings for individual, Artist, Album, or your whole library.
  • Update your iPod device applications.
  • Drag and drop items onto source items with ease.
  • Access iPhone Conflict windows for your contacts.
  • Apply Genres to Artists or albums
  • Check and uncheck by artist, album, or Genre
  • With the Helper scripts, find unchecked items in your library or remove invalid tracks from your library.
Blind Tunes is very stable and has many built-in features to keep you in tune with your progress. When organizing your playlists, you can easily toggle checkboxes, and drag the tracks around to create that custom sound. No longer do you need to struggle with adding tracks to a playlist in the right order. You can sort your music library and playlists by Artist, Composer, Album, Track Name, Track #, rating, and Genre. Also accessible is the Column sorting for Artist album, and Genre so it only displays the filters you set. You are easily guided through all the windows by arrowing and using the enter key instead of using the Tab key. Getting around with this script is a snap.
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Compatibility and Requirements

You will need to download iTunes or higher for this script to work. This script successfully tested with the following platforms and versions:
  • JAWS for Windows 15+
  • Microsoft Windows 7, and Windows 8, Windows 10 - 32 and 64 bit
Click here to proceed to the download

Change Log, Updates, Additions, and Bug Fixes

Blind Tunes 4.5.5 Addition
  • Added better support for braille.
Blind Tunes 4.5.4 Bug fix
  • Fixed the correct read state on some checkboxes.
Blind Tunes 4.5.3 Bug fixes
  • Fixed the search shortcut for the iTunes store and lists.
  • Fixed hitting enter in the search box after using the search shortcut.
Blind Tunes 4.5.1 Bug fix
  • Fixed error of Escape key in JAWS 11
Blind tunes 4.5.0 Bug fix
  • Fixed bug in jaws language selection
Blind Tunes 4.4.8 Bug Fixes and addition
  • Announced volume control slider position on control up and down arrows.
  • Conformed to a Freedom Scientific coding practice.
  • Added Internet radio and iTunes Match in sources shortcut
  • Fixed the up next sources option
Blind Tunes 4.4.5 Bug fix
  • Fixed the duplication of sort messages that led to an error message.
Blind Tunes 4.4.4
  • Fixed the reading of the drop down value in preferences
  • Fixed the 2 devices to arrow to the first selection
  • After selecting 2 devices the sort options will display
BlindTunes 4.4.1 Bug fixes
  • Fixed the checkbox state in iTunes
  • Fixed the 2 devices message to announce to make a selection.
  • Correct the cursor to find all the options at the top of sort options.
Blind Tunes 4.3.9 Bug fix
  • Fixed the sort options for the iDevices.
Blind Tunes 4.3.8 Add ons
  • Added French and Spanish languages.
Blind Tunes 4.3.6 Bug Fix
  • Fixed auto start message to correctly speak the correct language.
Blind Tunes 4.3.5 Bug Fix
  • Fixed the get info window to speak the edit field.
Blind Tunes 4.3.4 Bug Fix
  • Fixed the delay when selecting options in the sources list and give the correct sort options.
Blind Tunes 4.3.3 Bug fix and update
  • Fixed slash to be spoken differently in different languages.
  • Added Swedish language.
Blind Tunes 4.3.1 Bug fixes
  • Added a slight delay when selecting items from the sources list so the sort options correctly show
  • Fixed multi language access to sources dialog
Blind Tunes 4.2.9 bug fixes
  • Fixed the non speaking of objects and iTunes non responsiveness
  • Fixed the insert + Q version shortcut
Blind Tunes 4.2.7 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed language localization in the sources emulation dialog and improved the sources shortcut
  • Fixed selecting the correct item in the sources list
  • Fixed speaking dialog windows
Blind Tunes 4.2.4 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed delays in dunamic sound enabled mode
  • Fixed delays in iTunes from the object handler. This boosts overall performance tabbing and arrowing around.
  • For 2 devices connected, made it only click the 2 devices button allowing you to choose the device
  • Fixed Search shortcut to work for the iTunes store and kept track deletion from occuring.
Blind Tunes 4.2.0 Bug Fix
  • Fixed getting a searching for message and lockup on input boxes when you hit enter
Blind Tunes 4.1.9 Bug fixes
    Fixed the update feature
  • Fixed going to playlists when iTunes store is open and to the sources as well.
  • Fixed the up next section to play songs when selected
  • Fixed hangups in the sources when going to other selections in the source dialog
  • Fixed going to your iPod, iPhone, iTouch, and iPad
  • Fixed the sort options to correctly show what options are available after making a selection in sources or a device
BlindTunes 4.1.3 Bug fixes
  • Placed an interrupt on the delete all invalid tracks so it doesn't lock up.
  • Fixed update script to work with a wider array of systems.
Blind Tunes 4.1.1 Bug Fix
  • Automatic maximized now built into Blind Tunes.
Blind Tunes 4.1.0 Bug Fixes
  • Added an auto delay for the sort options so the application has time to chenge the buttons.
  • Fixed bug when hitting enter on source list items. Now it actually selects the item.
  • Made the source list jump to the top when first hitting enter on source list.
  • Made the first playlist speak when selecting playlists.
Blind Tunes 4.0.6 Bug Fixes
  • Added support for iPad devices
  • Changed menu name for accessing devices
  • Added support for different window types being spoken
  • Changed sort options to show the first selection when screen resolution is smaller
Blind Tunes 4.0.2 Bug fix and upgrade
  • Added a new audio message that first plays when iTunes is launched.
  • Fixed bug in selecting songs in the Up Next section.
Blind Tunes 4.0.0 Released for iTunes 11
  • Official Launch of Blind Tunes for iTunes 11.

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